Mission Statement

To continue to provide knowledgeable and competent inspectors to each of our customers with the utmost integrity and safety.


Vision Statement

To develop partnerships with our customers that will provide solutions for increasing their efficiency through our knowledge of nondestructive testing.


What We Do

Incorporated in 1960, Nondestructive Inspection Service, Inc. (N.I.S.) remains under the leadership of its original owners. Nondestructive testing and inspecting plays a major role in assuring the structural and mechanical integrity of different types of equipment to perform their functions safely, reliably and cost effectively. Most of our work is performed on different types of metal. Nondestructive testing can identify discontinuities that may cause catastrophic failures that would cause systems to shut down unexpectedly. These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material. In most cases, the item being tested does need to be disassembled. Nondestructive testing is used prior to manufacturing a product to assure the integrity of the material and during use to identify wear and fatigue related failure issues.

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